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High Drama on the 44 Condos!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Riverside city planning staff are moving forward with thousands of unsustainable developments.

Coalition Against 44 Condos Wins First Round!

See vote approving 20,000 other sites but omitting 208. Thank you council members Fierro, Cervantes, Plascencia & Hemenway for saving Victoria Woods. (What's with Erin Edwards?)

The city of Riverside has not ensured water sustainability, transportation, green spaces, power and community services for the amount of building underway. That bodes for major problems for residents. We need SUSTAINABLE growth.

The Council voted to approve 21,000 dwelling units (almost 35 percent less than originally proposed) even though Riverside can't afford that growth without raising taxes, much less the resources and roadways needed. On a 4:3 vote, council did not fast track the 44 Condo property. The developer is still pushing forward. Stay tuned.

Where is your vote going?

Learn More:

See staff reports and watch the RECENT HEARING VIDEO.

Public Comment: (Start at 12:00 mins)

Staff Report: (Start at 23:00 mins)


In the News:

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