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City Sued AGAIN for illegal tax.

The suit contends the ballot measure must be considered in a general election when more people can vote.. Read Article

Riversiders Against Increased Tax (RAIT) filed an emergency brief in the California appellate courts. RAIT claims the City is trying to pull a "fast one" by putting the Parada tax on a ballot when no one is running for office. There is broad opposition to the 11.5 percent utility tax except from unions and city employees.

Hear citizens speak on the live transcript HERE

Read the Petition HERE

“For years city officials have ignored near-constant complaints by members of the general public that Riverside Public Utilities has been overcharging its customers in order to support the City’s general fund,” Mateja said. “Now that that’s been proven true, we find the City once again attempting to violate the California Constitution by calling an election at a time they know there is great potential for low voter engagement, and hence, undue influence on the election results by special interest grifters.”

Mateja said city electric customers “deserve honest and ethical treatment” and the practice of overcharging must end “if only to stop the considerable economic and personal hardship on our City’s elderly, poor, and disabled.”

Read the Press Enterprise article HERE

Ben Clymer, Charter Review Committee

Malissa McKeith, Charter Review Committee

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